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CP Rankin strives to provide the safest workplace possible for our technicians and clients. We believe that safety is of the utmost concern; therefore we have dedicated ourselves to promoting an injury-free work environment.

With strict safety guidelines and a comprehensive safety program, we strive to promote a safety consciousness throughout our staff. CP Rankin strictly adheres to those obligations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for commercial roofing. In fact, we employ an Outreach Training Instructor who provides training to employees for OSHA10 and 30 Hour Cards, is a certified Fall Protection Instructor, Signaling Instructor and CERTA Instructor.

We are committed to our safety program consistent with good roofing practices, which creates an attitude of safety consciousness in general management, field supervisors and our employees. We comply with all OSHA safety standards and oftentimes go beyond usual best practices to ensure safety on project sites.

CP Rankin further provides continuing safety education and training for all of its employees on an on-going basis.  We routinely invest in safety programs and equipment to stay ahead of OSHA provisions resulting in excellent safety records that build credibility and trust with clients.

CPR has the following safety programs/guidelines in place:

  • Fall-arrest and fall-prevention training
  • OSHA regulations and job site training
  • Safety training
  • Various hazards associated with roofing protection
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Safety monitoring
  • Pre-Job inspections
  • Periodic and unannounced inspections

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